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bulletBooks - I enjoy reading a little each day.  Listed below are some of my recent or favorite books with links to their Amazon reviews.  I would welcome your suggestions.

Here are a few that I read in the six months to a year or so. 

Liar's Poker, Michael Lewis - An older, but entertaining book on investment banking in the 80s.  The stories in this book would make me sick if I weren't such a pessimist.  Things haven't changed.

Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell - Succeeds in presenting a pretty interesting analysis of success.

Getting Things Done, David Allen - A book on how to be better organized.  Unfortunately, it is pretty terse and ironically, to finish reading is one thing I still need to get done.

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible, Dave Pelz - If you didn't think putting was interesting, you were right.  However, this book is an excellent resource of putting advice.


bulletSports and Recreation - well, I'm a season ticket holder for Illini Men's basketball, and a fairly avid baseball fan, but these days I'd rather be out playing golf or watching the kids in Little League or swimming.  I started tracking my golf handicap last year.  I post it below since I figure putting it up in public will force me to improve on it...  By extrapolation, I should be winning the U.S. Open by 2012. 



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